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Australia Day

Conversation rapidly deteriorated topped off by Marzys poo story.

WARNING RATING = Horrendous 18+

“One of her friends went back to a girls house after a heavy night out. Whilst she is in the toilet freshening up he has got naked and is lying on her top bunk bed. He falls asleep/passes out and suddenly wakes up and uncontrollably shits himself. He panics and launches himself off the top bunk, lands on something soft escaping injury, grabs his clothes and does a runner. A week or so later a policeman knocks at his door and explains that the ‘pile of something soft’ was actually her pet poodle…… So this girl went from getting laid, to cleaning her sheets, to burying her dog in the space of about 2mins.” Bad Times!

Sticking around in Cat Ba a while longer so all four of us can make a trip up to Sapa together.

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