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Bye Bye Japan


We have basically spent the last 3 days researching China, Japan and skiing, emailing Japanese youth hostels and phoning STA. The result is that it would cost us £5,000 to go skiing for 2 weeks. Money really shouldn’t be an issue but…… £5000 is an issue! We talked it over and (as with Boracay) decided to phone Matt and ask his advice. He confirmed our thoughts and made us feel better by telling us about some real cool places in South and Central America. So onwards and upwards and farewell Japan, until next time.

Other stuff that happened:

Failed misserably to find Shaz some cream silk pillow cases. (There is only so long you can drag Jeremy around silk shops. I don’t know what mommes are, I don’t know the difference between natural silk, 100% silk, Vietnamese silk, satin silk, silk silk silk what do cows drink AHHH!)

Got our passports back, yeh boi!

Got drunk with Thomas (a guy we met in Borneo) and Hoo (a super funny Korean guy that liked drinking, singing Westlife and speaking “Ingwish”.)

Stumbled across the Japanese designed bridge, ironically this is now the closest we are going to get to Japan :-(

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  2. Shaz (Reply) on Saturday-16, 2010

    Never mind about the pillow cases. I will just have to continue to have bad hair days and masses of wrinkles!! Not funny about the motorbike rental but why am I not surprised!!! Take care you guys. Love Shaz and Baz xxx

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