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Bye to Gordon

Said goodbye to Gordon in the morning. Going to miss him. One thing we did forget to say about Gordon is that he was using his ‘Mr Nice’ book as toilet paper. Erkin I’m sure you can relate to this…. the sun news paper was it? But not page 3.

Anyway, down to two of us we went on a rampage and got a load of stuff done that had been ‘on the list’ for a very long time.

Went to the bank and got loaded up with 8 million.

Got Victorias necklace fixed in some crazy Vietnamese workshop.

Posted everything home that we had been carrying since Bangkok! (really wasn’t that much).

Got Victorias stitches taken out in a very posh clinic, very painful though.

Went looking for some Verruca gel with no luck, they just don’t get them I guess!

Got a new lens cap to replace the one we lost in Mui Ne.

Had a drink to chill for a minute.

Jeremy got his head shaved (his clippers broke when he was nearly finished and had left him looking somewhat deranged).

Booked a ticket to Dalat for tomorrow and finally relaxed by watching seriously cheesy American film from the 80’s with Silvester Stalone in “over the top”. Dinner, skype, sleep.

  1. V & J (Reply) on Wednesday-6, 2010

    Victoria has just realised that the ‘Bye to Gordon’ followed by the hospital picture looks like she is having an abortion and has named it Gordon. She is sick in the head though.

  2. Matthew Pack (Reply) on Friday-8, 2010

    that’s just what I was thinking!

    great list though – really looks amazing

    my list today – opened curtains – still snow – emily to nursery – rally style in the range slid across red lights – to office – coffee at services with Si Hagger – lunch at Tiger with Thoughtworks – skype – skype – shout out to team “thanks for making it to work – we rock and our hotel bookings are awesome” – home for sticky stew and playdough.

  3. V & J (Reply) on Saturday-9, 2010

    Doesn’t sound like a bad list to me either. Thoughtworks a digital media company?

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