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Cat Ba To Sapa

Left Cat Ba on the slow ferry that took us right through Halong Bay. We were pleased to see that Halong Bay wasn’t as impressive as Lan Ha Bay and overcrowded with other boats.

On the minibus back to Hanoi some woman told us how she fell from a rope swing tubing in Vang Vieng and snapped her front tooth off.

Jeremy went to the train station to book tickets to Sapa for everyone. The first woman sent him to counter 1, where he participated in some Indian style queueing. He was then told go to counter 2. More Indian queueing followed by being told ‘there are no tickets left’. Eventually the woman at counter 1 took pity on him and sold him 4 sleeper tickets to Sapa. I think they just couldn’t be bothered to deal with a foreigner.

Was good to share a cabin with Rhys and Marzy cause there was no chance of being stuck with another ‘manbearpig’. Although, Victoria did witness Marzy chuckling in her sleep.

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