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Cruising Quy Nhon

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Rented a scooter (sorry Shaz) and went off to try and climb into the eyes of a statue giving the finger to China. But no matter which corner of the coast we looked at it from we just couldn’t see a way across without driving miles or getting a boat. So we took a photo from afar and had some seafood lunch (crab and shrimp rice soup).

Next stop on Victoria’s list was the leper hospital. Jeremy wasn’t sure about this, didn’t feel safe not knowing how contageous Leprosy is. Didn’t want old stumpy to cough on him or go for a high five. But it was safe, just lots of limbless waving to say hello. Still, we didn’t stick around. Not, however, before going through the ‘have your photo taken with the Vietnamese tourists’ routine.

All that was left was to get a picture of the sign on our way out. Victoria felt the need to spice it up a little with a very un-P.C. pose.

Back at the ranch we were still attempting to track down our passports. We believe Anna and Adam are now going to bring them to Hoi An for us. But this hasn’t been confirmed by the A Team yet.

Took the scooter for some dinner (how romantic). Much to the locals delight we made a right balls up of cooking our seafood hot pot. Damn tasty and good fun though cooking a plate of crab, prawns, fish, clams, mussels, eel, squid, a whole hedge of green stuff, a mountain of noodles, with beansprouts spices and plenty of chilli. Mmm…I’m hungry again now…

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