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Got up at stupid o’clock, 5.45am and slept pretty much the whole way to the DMZ where we had breakfast (included in the price which we didn’t know about, result).

Very strange people on the tour, Victoria went nickname crazy. Tour guide talked way too loud for this time in the morning and all the beige-wearing middleaged tourists sat and nodded enthusiastically to everything she said.

First few stops, unless you are a military mad geek, were boring.

Chatted to an annoying guy from Essex who gave us some very unhelpful advice for Oz an New Zealand (the weather is crap there this time of year!? Are you retarded?). There were two American guys that were alright, chubby Chris Moyles one was nicer than the skinny one with ‘arty’ glasses and the boring German girl that only contributed to the conversation once by saying ‘beef soup’. Oh and the odd English couple that insisted we take photos with her bagpuss toy.

Anyhoo, the tour was saved by the civilian tunnels that we got to explore. Basically a whole village went underground for 5 years to escape the bombing and to carry on supplying the VC. We explored 1 tunnel complex that took 30mins and went 24 metres underground, the Vietnamese built a bajilion of these (no exaduration) all linked by tunnels or trenches. Victoria’s claustrophobia didn’t stop her this time as they are much taller and wider than Cu Chi. But to say she was comfortable down there would be a very large exaggeration! She got particularly tetchy when a group of drunk Vietnamese pikeys ran into the tunnels and started shouting and filling the air with their toxic fumes.

A stop at the museum gave us our fill of biased propaganda for the day, informing us of more hero soldiers awarded for killing Americans, and photos of American marines apparently “fleeing from the hell” they created.

We were pleased to learn we were going back and managed to sleep some more! These early mornings kill us. Victoria woke herself up a few times by snorting loudly, then realising she was in a very attractive sleeping position with her head back, mouth open and dribble down one side.

Asked the bus driver to take us as close to the train station as possible then booked our train for tomorrow for Hanoi. Got a cyclo dude to take us back into town for 10,000d but gave him 5,000 tip as he let Jeremy have a play (he almost tipped it over).

Decided to treat ourselves to a pizza and went to ‘Little Italy’ where we ran into Adam and Anna, again! Also saw some guys we met in Ho Chi Minh (and again in Dalat and Nha Trang). Also saw Thomas again. You tend to see the same people everywhere in SE Asia as everyone is doing the same routes. Which is cool, but kind of makes it less of an adventure as everyone is doing the same thing.

  1. Han (Reply) on Thursday-4, 2010

    I think jeremy your amazing spelling makes me laugh more than the thought of victoria dribbling down her front! EXAGGERATION!!!! lol. retard!!
    Sounds really cool though. xx

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