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Emperor’s Palace

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After much searching and debating we now have a flight out of Vietnam on the 3rd Feb. All in all should cost us £60 to get to Oz.

Victoria had some extra protein in her lemon juice in the form of a small ant army. Not really shocked by this but were slightly thrown when the woman said “Oh there not much in there”.

Walked into the emperors palace and had a good snoop around. We felt the need to dress up in the King and Queens attire and have our pictures taken on the thrown with two Vietnamese side kicks.

Booked the DMZ for tomorrow and had a prolonged dinner. Victoria spent much of the time on the loo.

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Sunday-17, 2010

    jeremy beats the creative barrier with his spelling

    • V & J (Reply) on Sunday-17, 2010

      What have i spelt wrong now?

  2. mini (Reply) on Monday-18, 2010

    Lovin the outfits, was great to catch up with you on Skype yesterday, even if you and Matt were Geeking out, you are both looking really well ;-) . Emily is still confusing on why you live in a TV…
    Good call on Japan mission, save that one for other day. South and Central America have sooooooooooooo much to see and do, it took Matt and I 6 months to travel just Central America and we moved every day!!!
    Good to hear you got your passports back, you can not go anywhere without these.
    Big love to you both, enjoy the last 2 weeks of Asia, NZ with a tent, sheep and campfires will be super different all over again

  3. V & J (Reply) on Tuesday-19, 2010

    Yeh sorry about the Geeking. Emily was sooooo cute in that video. She is hilarious. My favorite bit is definitely when she says Cathedral.

    Sad about Japan but it was for the best I think and yes can’t wait for more adventures!

    Hope the bump is good.

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