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HCM Preserved

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Quick early breakfast and a very brisk walk in the down pour to The HCM Mausoleum to meet Thomas.

After many security checks and being told to stay on the path, don’t wear hats, don’t talk, don’t laugh, don’t have fun, we got to see the man himself.

For a dude that has been dead for 40 years he looked in pretty good shape.

They’d preserved his body and presented him like a god. Ironically his wish was to be cremated, ‘come see the immortal saviour of Vietnam and leader of the communist party.’

The HCM Museum was more of a moden art exhibition. This sculpture represents the ingenious thought processes that led HCM to his communist uprising, all in the shape of a human brain? And this exhibition illustrates the contrasts between life in Vietnam for a liberalist and a communist, dipicted colourfully using Picasso paintings? And now “I’ll answer your question in dance”

The palace was not any better, we paid 15,000 to walk around the perimeter, brilliant.

Had lunch with Thomas and went our separate ways to try and book a train ticket for Sapa. Fully booked for tomorrow so Ha Long Bay first, then Sapa.

Back to the old town for dinner. Met a interesting Canadian man at dinner who later turned up at the street bar (yes we live there now). As we squatted there the two bikers that we met in Saigon right from the get go turned up. So we all sat, drank and got merry. Victoria and Jeremy probably got a little too merry (surprise, surprise).

Abused skype until 2am. Think an early start has gone out the window.

  1. momma and dadda (Reply) on Tuesday-26, 2010

    we r back in sc
    phillip and ruth here for two nights
    lunch with david and ronnie in their mountain huse tomorrow
    hannah coming on fri evening with Vicki!
    they go back on sunday and alistair and fran and two of alistairs friends arrive on sunday for 6 days
    then anthony and andrea – with peter and janet until the 11th feb
    we fly back on the 12 th for two weeks back here on the 1st mar for the month
    having s retirement party for 400 on the 27th feb
    glad to hear u are both well drinking and shaving!
    ps awesome snow
    pps anthony says there are cheap deals to be had in japan

  2. Fred (Reply) on Wednesday-27, 2010

    Yo wankstains,

    Looks like you guys are having one hell of a time out there. jeremy i will take this opportunity to wish u a very happy wherever u r. get super smashed for us, this time for the last 3years we have all been down in Bournemouth so i feel somewhat empty inside not boozing down there.
    keep up the bloggs.
    much love
    fred (denne not pack)

    • V & J (Reply) on Saturday-30, 2010

      Cheers Fred I can assure you the birthday was the usual I went hard and went home early. When will I learn?

  3. O'Dorney (Reply) on Sunday-31, 2010

    Alrite, how are the general laughs, have you left Vietnam yet?

    • V & J (Reply) on Monday-1, 2010

      Rig man, Last day today, quite ready to leave now even though it’s been ‘belting’. Where are you? Some people would think you had an obsession with elderly Asian women and their franko’s.

      Will we meet in NZ?

      Emma Anderson

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