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Jeremys Birthday
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Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Jeremy/Jerez/Packman/Jezza/Honeybunny! Happy Birthday to youuuuu.

Received an early morning phone call from Thomas wishing Jeremy a happy birthday, which was super sweet.

After breakfast Jeremy decided to be a nerd and go rock climbing. Victoria stocked up on Pringles and water, preparing for an action-packed exciting day of taking photos of Jeremy very slowly climbing up a cliff.

Met up with the fellow rock-geeks and set off in a mini bus to the climbing site. Had some lunch there then, well erm…climbed stuff.

Asked the rock-geeks (who were actually quite a nice bunch of young pre-Uni travellers) to have drinks later to celebrate Mr Packs old age.

Headed back to town for dinner, skype chats and to start the drinkathon.

The evening for Jeremy went as follows;

8.30pm: Fried rice munch munch munch. Beer.

8.45pm: Victoria told Jeremy she’s buying him a donkey for his birthday. Beer.

9.00pm: Blue note bar to meet rock-geeks and other travellers we had invited. Vodka, rice liquor, shots, beer and drinking games.

9.30pm: Jeremy gets semi-naked and runs around bar insisting that people ‘drink his weewee’. Beer.

9.45pm: Jeremy attempts to take Victoria’s tights off midconversation at the bar. Followed swiftly by announcing that he needs fresh air.

9.50pm: Jeremy straddles a plastic chair outside then falls onto the pavement, curls up into a faetal position and passes out. Victoria collects belongings and recruits help to carry him home.

10.00pm: Rhys and Victoria teach Jeremy how to walk. He replies “In three seconds I’m going limp…3…2…”. Rhys and Victoria pick him up and carry him. Upon reaching the hotel Jeremy has a sudden concern for the 5 bottles of vodka we had purchased that night. We soothingly told him he had drunk 3 of them and we had brought the other 2 back.

10.15pm: After a small tantrum about wanting to go back to the bar he finally passed out fully clothed on the bed. Victoria removed the majority of his clothes, gagging whilst peeling off his disgustingly moist socks. She takes many photos of him, for future demonstrations.

10.25pm: Jeremy insists he gets ‘cuddles’ and almost suffocates Victoria in the process. After a minute he passes out again and Victoria manages to wriggle free and move into the other bed.

10.45pm: Jeremy attacks Victoria one more time and passes out on the other bed. After one more round of musical beds Victoria is allowed to sleep in peace.

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