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Up and off in a small van. Although we agreed the price last night we still had to haggle to get our change back.

Arrived on a dusty busy highway and got kicked out. Memories of India were triggered. We walked over to a hotel that charges by the hour (nice and sleezy) and got a room (victoria was bursting for the loo and the room was acceptable i.e. didn’t smell like shame like expected).

Couldn’t find any food so had to get Xeom drivers to take us to a restaurant.

Got two more Xeom drivers to take us to Son My (Mai Lai). The village Charlie company laid waste to, raping, torturing and killing women and children as they exterminated a village during the Vietnamese war. Pretty brutal, as the statues so accurately depicted! The worst thing was watching a documentary with an ignorant, unsympathetic American Veteran who simply wasn’t bothered that his Company (and him personally) had done this.

Back in town we decided to not stay the night and flagged down a bus heading north.

We sat with two tins of paint and a bag of fruit but were still chuffed that we managed to get a (shitty, smokey, cramped) coach. It took us about 5 mins to persuade the conductor that he was smoking crack if he thought we were going to pay his price. Eventually he gave in as even the locals laughing at his crazy price!

Had some food and broke the booze ban with a 10p local beer. When booze is cheaper than water you just HAVE to drink.

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