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Lan Ha Bay

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Up early to get on our Junk (boat) to cruise around Lan Ha Bay (less touristy part of Ha Long Bay). Views were pretty spectacular, enormous limestone cliffs rising up out of the sea. The weather remained misty but this just added to the atmosphere.

We pulled up at a floating house and went kayaking for a while. Was great to get a different perspective on the scenery. After an hour we still couldnt find the cave so we paddled back to the boat. The Vietnamese crew promised us that the big caves would come after lunch.

Lunch of instant noodles and bread rolls was accompanied by some more motoring. At our new location we got back into the kayaks and paddled off deep into a dark cave, not much room. Explored a second cave that was much smaller and required some skillful maneuvering involving bashing the crap out if the plastic kayaks. The whole paddle there and back was deserted apart from a few watchful dogs situated on floating fish farms.

Back on the boat the beer supply started to flow accompanied by the local wine. We drank in the booze and views as we sat atop our lonely Junk boat.

Stopped one last time before dinner for the boys to strip from Jackets and jumpers to Boardies. Showing off they flipped and dived and swam off the side of the boat. Not going to lie it was frickin’ freezing Mr Bigglesworth.

The non-existent sun had set making it even colder and darker than before. Dinner was served up and chowed down in a heart beat. This left plenty of time to play drinking games.

Having exhausted our supplies we were forced to buy expensive vodka from a crazy woman on a row boat. After exhausting this we had to buy expensive beer from the boatmen. However they accompanied our beer with freshly boiled squid they had just caught from the sea adding value for money (even if they did have a ton of ink in them).

Everyone now thouroughly contented with the days food, booze, views and friends…… passed out.

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