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Lost Passports

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On the bus Jeremy suddenly realised we had left our passports at reception. After explaining our situation to the non-english speaking driver we asked of we could go back and get them. He nodded but simply handed us his phone. “hewow I hewlp you”. Oh my god it’s Kim Jing Il.

Il informed us that they would send our passports on the next bus. We weren’t holding our breath.

Anyone who gets a sleeper bus at night to Hoi An is seriously missing out on some spectacular views. Along the coast, past fishing villages, mountain backdrops and surrounded by lush green forest made for an awesome journey. If we didn’t feel so car sick we might of got a photo! Doh!

Headed straight to an LP recommended hotel (we were kind of locked into that as we had to provide the bus company with an address to send the passports to).

Went to find some food but with little success. A lot of cafes selling a lot of ice tea but that’s about it. So went to the random but huge ‘Co-op Mart’ and stocked up on Coco pops, milk and apples.

Had a cat nap (because life is hard) and went for a walk to find dinner. Quy Nhon is a cool fishing village with very few tourists, which is refreshing. It’s nice to find a town that is thriving without tons of tourist input.

Found a restaurant and after being greeted by a big group of old vietnamese men getting nice and drunk we had some super fresh seafood. We walked back along the bay to our hotel. Jong il had phoned again, our passports had not been sent today but they might do it tomorrow. Lost cause.

  1. Hannah (Reply) on Wednesday-13, 2010

    Shit!! sorry guys! what a bummer – hope you sort it without too much stress! xx

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