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Marbles and Train

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Took two motorbike taxis with all of our stuff to Danang. Managed to get a free stop off at Marble mountain on the way.

Climbed about 100m high via stairs. Needless to say that was tough but the view was worth it (dam we’re lazy).

Caught a train from Danag to Hue, pronounced ‘whay’! Jeremy will not stop saying WHAAAYY!

Pretty tired and hungry we got in a taxi with 2 Ozzies to be driven around the houses. When he finally finished his tour we ignored the touts. Well, this is what we would normally have done but Jeremy hadn’t eaten for at least an hour and was feeling particularly tetchy. So he proceeded to explain to the tout that he was ‘fucking annoying’ and that he should leave us alone.

After finding a hotel Victoria steered the angry beast into a restaurant to tame it. This was decidedly the safest way forwards for everyone. “Come near me with that postcard and I will do unspeakable things to you and your family”.

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