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New Years Day

A dark hole of dispair! Needless to say there was very little activity from all parties.

Jeremy couldnt bring himself to move so Gordon and Victoria stumbled to the bakery at a ridiculous time in the A.M. (victoria had a pretty empty stomach by now!) and brought it all back to the room to very slowly munch through the morning looking at photos of the night before to help piece it together. The only thing we could face eating was Marmite and toast.

After a well deserved sleep we all had a nap, followed by some snoozing.

By which time it was dinner time so we took a taxi (we figured we could splash out on a taxi as we were under budget for the day cz sleeping is free!)
Went to a crazy japanese restaurant and had their take on Piraud, which was good but just not Serre Chevalier good.

Got back and Jeremy still felt hungry enough and just about well enough to stomach a massive bowl of coco pops.

More sleep.

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