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Not Alot

Getting off the train at 5:30am with no sleep thanks to ‘ManBearPig’. However, he did pay for our taxi into town which almost made up for it.

We arrived in Ha Noi just in time for the street lamps to be shut off. It was now dark and cold and nothing was open. ‘ManBearPig’ disappeared off into the gloom of the early dawn as we went in search of different hotels. The streets were empty and we banged on the shutters of a hotel to wake them.

We had to wait until 8 when guests would check out and the room could be cleaned.

Left our bags and went back onto the streets to look at a few more hotels and get an idea of price. Found a place for breakfast ate and snoozed.

We checked into the hotel after driving the price down lower than in the LP.

Finally sleep!

Woke and went to explore the city at around 1pm. Ha Noi is much nicer than Saigon. Ended up buying Jeremy some shoes and Victoria a hat (according to the lable the hat is 100% Cotton & 100% Acrylic) . Jeremy went to a barbers where they hacked his beard off! Not sure what they were using as shaving gel or why they had to wet his head to shave his beard? Still it worked. Checked out the lake and had some 10p beers on the miniture chairs on the pavement. Went in search of a recommended restaurant. But, once again the LP failed and had put the marker on the map in completely the wrong area. Don’t buy the ‘09 Vietnam book!

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