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Off To Nha Trang

We ensured that we booked a SEATED bus ticket yesterday but a SLEEPER bus turned up. Ah well, we saw Adam and Anna on it and poor Ad is 6′3″ and in the smallest bed.

As usual when catching a bus with the “A-Team” it broke down. Smoke started billowing from in between Victorias legs who swiftly suggested that we quickly depart the bus before it blows up. We all agreed and the bus driver got to work with fixing the problem with a small piece of wire.

Amazingly half an hour later we were back on the road, not sure what he did or what happened but it was probably best not to know.

Arrived in Nha Trang and after a lot of faffing around we ditched the first hotel and went in search of something better. We were accompanied by a commision hungry xeom driver who insisted on pointing out the obvious. After a cheeky game of toying with his emotions we found a good room.

Nha Trang is…. not as nice as Mui Ne, commercial, overdeveloped and, as with most of vietnam, gives the impression that they are waiting for a massive influx of people.

We asked about windsurfing, had a look at their ropey equiptment, the lack of wind and decided that it was a lost cause.

Went for a naughty ‘western’ dinner at “Why Not Bar” with Ad an Anna then crashed out.

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