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Sapa’s Pass

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Hired a scooter per couple and drove the 10km up to the highest pass in Sapa. Road was again very cool. The weather continued to be perfect and the views on the ride up were awesome.

Pulled over to take pictures at the side of the road. Saw two shy indiginous men, father and son who couldn’t speak English. Was a nice change to see them rather than their war haggeling counterparts that attatch themselves like limpets.

At the top of the pass the view was actually not as good as the way up. There was however a Canadian director up there shooting a film called ‘The Gift’ from a series of films called ‘Oriental Pearls’. Keep an eye out as we could possibly be seen on our scooters going passed the car they were filming in.

Back at the ranch we just had enough time to eat and get a bus (no minibus mafia trouble this time).

Had roughly the same shinanigans as we did when we tried to get tickets before. First there were none available. So Rhys and Marzy found a tout to buy some from. He said we could pay after we got on the train. However, V&J weren’t comfortable with this so Jeremy and Rhys went back and managed for a second time to get 4 sleeper tickets, from the ticket booth. What is up with this country and selling westeners train tickets?

There was only one thing to do now and that was to drink the 2 remaining bottles of Vodka from Jeremys birthday and a few beers we had acquired. Suprisingly after some fun and games everyone slept wonderfully. So second tip, have a skinful if your traveling by Vietnamese train.

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Tuesday-9, 2010

    i’m sorry jeremy but i had a heated debate with a foo who was convinced that its spelt drove passed instead of past. youre putting two verbs together, its like saying “i am walking running” lol. the person failed to comprehend for a long time. but i didnt give up, he eventually saw the light

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