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Sleeper to Dalat

Caught our 8am sleeper bus at around 9 and did our best to sleep till around noon. The beds in the sleeper bus looked like they had been stolen from the back of an ambulance and apart from the fact that the recliner was permanently stuck down it did the job.

Woke up when the bus stopped for a really ropy noodles and beef, so much so we decided that it was safer to leave the “beef” to do it’s own thing.

The aircon was less con and more just air being circulated around. Needless to say it was roasting, that is untill people realised and open their windows, so not really too bad.

The bus dropped us outside a hotel offering $10 rooms. We know from the LP and from Anna and Adam (over skype) that this is a good deal so checked in.

Went off to a bar to decide what the plan was for tomorrow and had the most expensive worst fruit juice to date (jeremy is on a booze ban till his birthday (let’s see how long that lasts)).


Went for dinner with adam and anna in the evening in the open air stalls. Wasn’t quite enough food so we wandered around picking stuff up from street sellers. Got a roasted sweetcorn, some cakes and a savoury pancake all pretty epic. Victoria also managed to buy a hat. The woman wanted 50,000, we offered 20,000. Adam sniggered at our low price, then we walked off with the hat. Think they realised they have been over paying for stuff. :-D

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