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Making up for yesterdays no sunlight day we got up and hired a scooter (Victoria riding on the back) to blitz all the sites in one go.

We visited the Reunification Palace, the best bit here was the basement featuring an air raid bunker and command centre of the Southern Vietnamese. Got some sneeky photos after crossing some ‘do not enter’ red tape. Another favorite was saying ‘aaaahhhh xin chao’ into the many microphones.

We jumped back on the bikes in search of a sushi lunch. Gordon leading the way pulled onto the pavement slightly lost to consult the map. After a couple if seconds Victoria asked ‘is it called “The Sushi Bar”?’ and pointed to the massive sign of the restaurant we had pulled up to. Sushi was good if it was a little undercooked.

The War Museum was another brainwash session showing us how badly the Americans treated the VC. Having said that the effects of the Orange Gas was pretty savage.

Had our last supper together with Gordon. Back in the room Jeremy edited videos while Gordon showed us one of his old school friends on facebook as the word ‘pikey’ had been created purely for use on people like her. Everyone needs to add Emma Anderson or at least stalk some photos….. what is the uk coming to?

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