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The Wild Boar

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Got a taxi in the rain to the train station. Victoria was on the ball and spotted the over excited meter sprint up in price as we drove the last 100 metres. We underpaid the taxi driver, who took it like a champ fully aware that he had been pinned.

A tout was disappointed to see that we had already got tickets and we boarded our train.

We were sharing our sleeper cabin with a giant Turkish man who was kind enough to show us a rubbish card trick. A slightly more impressive and even more annoying trick was being able to morph into a wild boar as soon as the lights went out. What ensued was 7 hours of Wild Boar grunting, squealing and flemming. You could almost here every tiny peice of snot that he moved backwards and forwards through his nostrils.

Both V & J pumped the music out through headphones, however even max volume was unable to compete with the might of ‘ManBoarPig’. Jeremy had to give in and wake him up, shaking him quite hard (he didn’t even wake up when his own phone rang deafeningly loud).

There was blissful silence for a while as we did our best to get to sleep before ‘ManBoarPig’ started again. Too late. Good bye sleep.

  1. anneandjos (Reply) on Wednesday-20, 2010

    You should have had more beer!!!

  2. anneandjos (Reply) on Wednesday-20, 2010

    PS: I now know how to spell Scombridae… You two have too much time on your hands! And me too, obviously. All very sad!

    • V & J (Reply) on Friday-22, 2010

      yes we do! A year to be exact :-D

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