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Walking Tour

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Started on the LP walking tour around the city. Jeremy was pretty unimpressed as it was basically a tour of different shops. Eventually even Victoria agreed that they should sack it in and went for lunch, think she might have got slightly hungry after seeing the hacked up roasted dog on the market stool.

We bumped into Thomas in a Temple and arranged to go to the water puppet theatre that evening.

We did some more shopping (Baz’s bday present) and then chowed down on some noodle soup with a load of local women on the pavement. Another cool experience ruined by being ripped off when we came to pay. We stuck to our guns and paid 34p instead of the extortionate 50p.

Went for a couple of beers with Thomas and on to the theatre. Once we had got over the initial hilarity that the puppets looked and moved like something from Team America it was quite……. er different.

We all went for dinner and more 10p local beers on the street.

Meeting Thomas tomorrow for some more sight seeing.

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