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6 Go Camping

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Set off to Byron on our Australian Camping trip. Girls taking one car and the men creating the testoster-zone in the other.

Having wrestled with the tent and discussing what made the best replacement for missing poles the men decided to ditch the cricket stump and go with the miscellaneous
metal object.

Tent now erect we did beach, beer and BBQ in that order. The sand is so clean in Australia that it actually squeaks under your feet. Spot the 3 brits on the beach dragging their feet through the sand, dumb struck by this phenomenon.

Surf was no good so we surfed our way through the beers instead.

Rain threatened but this did not stop us from creating the great Oz experience by setting up a camp fire on the beach, drinking beers and playing the guitar under the open stars. Tick.

  1. Jack (Reply) on Thursday-11, 2010


  2. mikey (Reply) on Thursday-11, 2010

    you’ve no idea how much posts like this depress me… especially when ive read it in the library and i’ve got thousands of words to write still! fuck uni!

  3. Jeff (Reply) on Sunday-14, 2010

    with mikey on that one

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