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The smell of grilled bacon welcomed us back into the real world. It also made us put down the porridge and go in a hunt for pigmeat. At the local store we were offered ‘fish and chip’ sausages, which would have to do.

Jeremy attempted to cook the miscellaneous meat by putting it in a pan and watching it burn.

We headed to the harbourside town of Akaroa via another windy scenic road. We walked along the harbour, ate fudge (Victoria, the chocolate hungry monster triumphantly demolished the bag while Jeremy was busy taking photos), went to the lighthouse, laughed gayily at some seagulls and skipped hand-in-hand across meadows of blossoming buttercups.

Jeremy swam in the sea at Le Bons Bay on the way back to the campsite, then we packed up and headed off back to Christchurch for that bloody balloon trip!

On the drive back we saw a big tumbleweed drift across the road. We had never seen tumbleweed before, and Jeremy thought it only existed in cartoons. Victoria took evasive action and successfully drove into it.

At the Christchurch campsite we met a couple called Clive & Sarah who were just finishing NZ and heading to Vietnam tomorrow. We gave them our 500,000dong note we had accidently kept hold of. In return they gave us their kiwi card (10% off certain campsights) so Jeremy is now Clive at campsights. We also found some cocopops and squash in the Freebie Bin in the kitchen so that’s karma baby.

Had a few beers with them (they got a tad more interesting after this) and shared spag bol.

Fingers crossed for ballooning tomorrow.

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