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Back to Hanoi

Up early again and driven round the houses back to our Hanoi hotel for a power nap.

Up to do some shopping. Got some bits and bobs for people and finally got Jeremy’s chess set he’d had his eye on since Laos.

Met up with the other two and went for some dinner and Bia Hoi in the street.

  1. Charlotte Johnston (Reply) on Friday-5, 2010

    Hi Victoria (and jeremy, although he probably doesn’t have a clue who I am)!

    How are you? Loving this travel blog! It really has been fab being able to read it, esp in the night if the kids have woken or I’m having to feed Barty! In fact I have been known to be a little miffed if said wakings happen but I’m up to date with the posts, much like a soap opera addict!! When are you going to Oz/NZ and what are you plans for each? Fraser Island is a must and cape trib if you are going up that far (oz). How will you be getting around in nz? White water rafting and black water rafting vvv fun in s. Island! I’m v jealous!!! I have wittered enough young lady! Looking forward to some red wine action round the chiminea when you get back.

    Lots of love

    Char xoxox

  2. Charlotte Johnston (Reply) on Saturday-6, 2010

    Ps. Looking forward to meeting Jezzer on your return – think he needs the Huggett grilling….. Thoughts???? Xoxoxox

  3. Jeff (Reply) on Tuesday-9, 2010

    chess set yayerrrrrrrrrrrrrr. whos he playing with though? is he just walking up to people asking fora game?

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