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Backwards Sunday

Sunday in backwards hill billy land.

Got up feeling rough as no sleep thanks to the battered wife. But its ok we are moving to a private double room for just 5 bucks more. That is when the cleaner turns up for work.

Walked to a payphone to enquire about campervans but either too expensive or no availability. Tried to get hold of our car rental company, they’re not open on a Sunday. Finally tried to book a hot air balloon ride but again, no one wants to work on Sundays?!?

Defeated we watched the winter Olympics and explored a nearby fair. Victoria, still mighty low on sleep, had a nap while Jeremy went mental on the internet looking at cool places in NZ and probably watched some ‘CodeIgniter tutorials’.

Hurried round the supermarket so we could get back in time for new episode of ‘Top Gear’. Nothing quite like a nice dose of British TV when your half the world away from her majestys kingdom. And on that bomb shell, Goodnight.

  1. mikey (Reply) on Tuesday-2, 2010

    codeigniter tutorials?!?! must have been a dull day…

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