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Bealey Spur

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Actually managed to get a trek in. One called Bealey Spur Track, the wind was still too gusty for The Avalanche Trek (the one we originally wanted to do), however this trek did go to an altitude of 1050m and took us about 5hrs nonstop uphill ’steep and rough’! The views on the way up were out of this world, Victoria nearly passed out at the end due to lack of sleep, and Jeremy started to walk like a spastic-THE BLISTERS ARE BACK!

The views were absolutely beautiful and well worth the blood, sweat and tears (literally all of the above bodily fluids left one of our bodies at some point). Also met some cool people from Chicago and a fruit loop from Scotland called Duncan who wet himself when Jeremy asked his advice about his boots.

Back in the village we bought some celebratory beers as Victoria had been talking about them the whole way down.

At camp Jeremy went off to gather firewood “Me alpha male, me hunt and gather uh uh”, he came back with a small tree. Meanwhile Victoria befriended a dutch dude so she could steal his mince beef.

Another sleepless night for Victoria as she was freezing her socks off, even with hat, socks, two jumpers and tights on. We will have to do something about this as Jeremy isn’t allowed to sleep either anymore as he is being updated hourly about Victoria’s body temperature.

  1. anne (Reply) on Tuesday-2, 2010

    Where are you guys? Have arrived in NZ. Actually remembered your camcorder. Hoping to see Gretchen at the weekend. Hope you haven’t been through Wellington already. Haven’t read your blog to work out your exact location.

  2. fred denne (Reply) on Wednesday-3, 2010

    this made me laugh..well done..
    made it over half way. i can nly assume now that as you are both in expensive land your budgeting will go to shit. good luck and keep up the blogs

    • V & J (Reply) on Friday-5, 2010

      Budget well and truely forgotten about. New Zealand rocks so well worth it. Woop woop into the wild baby.

  3. mini (Reply) on Wednesday-3, 2010

    camping test crew 101… this is where you find out what stuff you need for happy campers
    Go to a shop that sells blankets asap or a shop that sells material by the roll and buy a few metres of fleece fabric!!! did you buy a blow up beds, if not, buys these, will make loads of difference to how warm you are. Actually what about buying some kick ass winter sleeping bags, you can always send them home at the end of the camping trip. I was so in love with our tent, I sent that home too

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