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Bondi & Opera

‘To The Beach’ were Charlottes first words. We reminded her that she was meant to be working, she felt really guilty about this as she accompanied us for a ropey breakfast and a day of hungover pain.

We eventually got to the beach after many unnecessary distractions and many hungover groans, mainly from Victoria, who was on the verge of redecorating the bus.

Cold and super powerful waves smashed quite a lot of poison from the system. A snooze on the beach (with some sneaky topless sunbathe spotting from jeremy) made everyone even more exhausted.

We went our seperate ways to reconvene at the ‘Opera House’. V&J were hurrying back to get their free tour of the Opera House (included with their ticket). However, all the rushing got too much for Victoria who was busy phoning Europe on the porcelain telephone
when the tour was meant to start. She was also busy lubricating her skin as Bondi beach + no suncream + Ginger = lobster.

The ‘Mid Summer Nights Dream’ Opera was not as gay as we had expected and was pretty funny. Just what the doctor ordered for the three hungovertiers. Even if we did nod off halfway through.

It went on for 3 and a bit hours, talk about getting your moneys worth. So Charlotte disappeared of into the mist of Sydney to catch the last bus home and the travelers headed home (via a burger).

So long Skippy and thanks for all the laughs. Don’t get too tanned out there.x

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