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Brisbane Day Out

Early start for the whole gang as we took Andy to work so we could pinch his car and drive to Brisbane.

After some interesting circles round a small park we found the cheapest car park in central Brisbane. $50 worse off we plodded about the Botanical gardens. Next was Street Beach, which is exactly what it says on the tin, a manmade beach in the city centre.

Passed by the ‘Brisbane Eye’, a version of Big Ben and a Millenium Bridge lookalike. All the nostalgia had made us hungry so we headed to ‘Jack Pot Noodle’ (a cheapy recommended to us by Rhys and Marzy). Walked back via the museum where there were two interesting artifacts. 1) A bathtub sized boat that was the smallest vessel to be sailed around the world! 2) A man imitating the sound of an extinct frog. We were going to go the Art Gallery, however after all the excitement of hearing an impersonation of an extinct frog we sacked it in.

Drove back to Andys work and like true British Pikeys hung out in the park. Victoria won the ‘balance on the pole the longest’ game before Andy arrived to take the kids home.

Usual evening of food and swimming and relaxing (and beer).

  1. walter matieu (Reply) on Saturday-20, 2010

    how was jackpot noodle? any good?

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