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Broken Nose

Christchurch; Ashford meets Canterbury. Religious bookshops, sex shops, camping shops, gigantic supermarkets and some more sex shops. So far we have only met homeless drunks, pikeys, special people and pregnant teenagers.

Had a big decision to make-car&tent/campervan. After walking round and much discussion we were even more confused than when we started. Lack of sleep was taking it’s toll and the shops were shutting. Back for a power nap before heading out to buy ingredients for dinner.

The hillbilly staying in our dorm room made a cameo appearance at 1am. She was either drunk or attention seeking or just a retard because she had forgotten which bed was hers (there are only 4 in the room). So she sat on the floor and started molestering the bloke under Victoria’s bed in an attempt to find her bed. This was all very funny. What was less funny was the fact that she has a broken nose and snores like a beached walrus (we would rather stay with ‘manbearpig’). Victoria quite openly shared with the dorm that she was ’starting to feel sick because of the noises coming from that thing.’

Another sleepless night. Our theory is she was beaten up by her husband (probably because of her snoring-I would).

  1. Nick (Reply) on Monday-1, 2010

    So you guys not that impressed with christ Church – it is pretty rubbish. Are you guys staying in the hostle with the Cinema room I remember thats all we did there is watch films as there was not a lot to do!

    Where are you guys off to next?

  2. Jeff (Reply) on Monday-1, 2010


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