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Early start for Victoria as the campervan needed to be collected from Brisbane today. Sounds simple enough.

With a hint of a hangover she got a lift from Kirst to the train station in Robina, where she got the wrong train. Good start. After correcting her error she met a pregnant woman with morning sickness (definitely not what you need to witness with a hangover) and went all the way to Brisbane. Here she got another train to Doomben and then a bus to Eagle Farm, where she walked for 45mins along a highway (going the wrong way twice) in the roasting heat to find the car rental place.

Once there she had to watch a hilarious DVD explaining how to operate a campervan. A crazy, and clearly slightly bored, Australian man informed her of how to turn the engine on, why you shouldn’t drive away still plugged into power at a campsite, and generally how not to be a complete retard. Having said this, Victoria still managed to kangaroo hop (no pun intended) her way out of the drive.

Meanwhile, Jeremy stayed in bed wondering why his bunghole hurt. Once she returned, Victoria scooped her hungover mess of a boyfriend into the van and so began their road trip adventure to Sydney. First stop, supermarket for supplies.

After hours of driving we decided it was getting way too dark to keep going, plus we had no petrol left and the nearest petrol station was closed. It was like a ghost town. We were forced to pull over into a layby that funneled into the forest. Victoria started spazzing out that it was too much like a horror film and there was a murderer in the woods (she had seen a crazy hitchhiker earlier that had freaked her out). This meant locking all the doors and windows whilst sleeping. Unless you want to lose 3 stone in sweat we do not recommend this. Eventually she stopped weeping and agreed to open the windows. Cue 5 million mosquitoes. Victoria doesn’t make a happy camper.

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Wednesday-24, 2010

    AHAHAHAHAHA! baroness victoria not feeling very well out in the wild? mind you id be worse probably!

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