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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

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Another early start with Andy. He dropped us at the bus stop where we got a bus to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

We walked in as the rangers were feeding the lorakeets and got to have a go ourselves. Holding out a tray of milky bird food it was a matter of seconds before a swarm of noisy birds perched on every inch of our body. Things got a little two friendly when they started pooping on us.

Enough fun here we rode the mini train (complete with miserable train man that kept telling Victoria off, just because his life didn’t plan out the way he wanted). We caught the end of the digerydoo show, then onto miscellanious animals show (including dingoes, a pretty boring bird-although he did eat a headless mouse which excited Victoria, and some snakes), echidna talk and the bird show.

We held a crocodile, stood next to a massive hawk thing, stroked a ton of kangaroos and wallabies and saw some cool koalas chilling in their tree. All of the above looked pretty heavily sedated, some even twitched whilst O.D-ing on the grass.

Back at the house Jeremy packed our bags up ready for our flight to Melbourne and Victoria prepared some BBQ food. The flight to Melbourne was getting less attractive by the minute, Georgie Hart, living in Melbourne was working too hard to make time to see us this was the last straw so we sacked it in altogether. More meat and beer was always going to be the winner.

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