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Don’t Call Me Shirley

The Victoria panic alarm went of at 3:30am. ‘Jeremy you awake?’, ‘am now’, ‘i don’t think we have left enough time to get to the airport’. Fidgets for 30 mins and falls back asleep.

Up at 5:30am down stairs to meet M&R and an early morning walk through the streets to the bus station. Hanoi is quite peaceful this time. Workers eating breakfast together on the side of the street, people exercising and, best of all, limited scooter action.

Local bus took an hour to get to the airport. We checked in and went on a food hunt. Again the airport is the biggest rip off. Still paid through the nose and finally said goodbye to M&R who’s flight to Bangkok left 5 minutes before ours.

3 hours later we were in Kuala Lumpar doing the whole airport procedure again. Had a slight hickup in the fact that we thought it was a 3 hour stop over but turns out it’s 8 hours. Watched a film and ate more rubbish airport rip off food. Eventually resorted to buying peanut butter and bread, best thing we ate all day!

Checked in and take off again. Bye bye Asia.

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Tuesday-9, 2010

    22$ for a burger king in gay istanbul ataturk airport.
    clacket lane looks cheap now

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