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Happy Camper

7.30am and Victoria woke with a start as a white pickup truck pulled up behind them. “Psst! Jeremy! The crazy rapist/murderer/hitchhiker man is here!”. Turned out to be a mother dropping her child off at the school bus stop…that we were parked and sleeping in. We made a swift exit, Jeremy just managing to put on some underwear, as the school bus pulled up.

Due to the lack of petrol we very slowly made our way to a petrol station 20km away, annoying many Bruce’s/Sheila’s in the process. We then stopped and had some breakfast at the next rest stop. To Jeremy’s delight Victoria cooked up some very meaty bacon sarnies.

Enroute to Hunter Valley we stopped at another rest stop to cook the chilli Victoria was too scared to cook in the dark last night. It made a delightful lunch for us and the flies. After milling around Hunter Valley we realised they were an hour ahead and everything was closed, so we headed to the only campsite and pitched up for the night. We were pleasantly surprised to be welcomed with a swimming pool, warm jacuzzi, hot showers, wifi in the van and a thai restaurant for dinner. It was blissfully comfortable in the bed tonight and Victoria was thoroughly enjoying this whole campervan malarky as there was not a murderer in sight.

  1. Nick (Reply) on Tuesday-23, 2010

    Dudes hows it going?
    Im in the library ment to be my dissertation but serously strugglerling with it so thought I wuld read up on what you guys have been up to.
    looks like your having a good time really miss NZ had such an awesome time have you seen many Kiwi Experience Buses.
    Whats the Campervan like? Have you given it a name like most travellers do? Nick is a very good name!
    Im off to have a fun afternoon reading about planning policies have fun.

  2. Jeff (Reply) on Wednesday-24, 2010

    yeh i dont get it it was all about nz campervan you were talkin about but you seem to still be in aus. you gonna float the van to nz?

    • V & J (Reply) on Friday-26, 2010

      No we are looking on the web at campervans in NZ you genious.

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