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Okains Bay

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So the combined effort of no sleep for two nights and some shiny new blisters concluded that we wouldn’t do another trek today, instead we would head back to Christchurch to rebook the ballooning.

On the way we picked up the crazy Spanish couple that had slept in the shelter the first night who were hitchhiking their way to Christchurch. The dude seriously reminded Jeremy of Manuel from Fawlty Towers and he was close to sniggering whenever he spoke. “Dragon Fly, I know na ting!”

We stopped at some famous boulder things that geeky people climb when they run out of World of Warcraft games. Victoria did some good pointing and Shrek quotes. “Thats a nice boulder I like what you’ve done with that boulder”.

In Christchurch we rearranged ballooning for Sunday and went to Countdown (again!) to pick up some burgers to fry for lunch on our way to Okains Bay.

The best drive ever! The views were even more stunning than anything we’d ever seen. New Zealand just seems to get better and better.

Found a sweet camp spot and Jeremy set up in 8.30mins (a new record!). We swam in the lagoon, showered (it had been a while!), then Victoria washed all our clothes and cooked up a very yummy curry with chicken and everything!

Squeeky clean and with full tummys we went to bed. Jeremy was woken by the sound of Victoria sniffling as some noisy neighbours had decided to camp next to us (out of the whole site!) and keep her awake. Three sleepless nights was just too much for her. Earplugs and some squirlies seemed to lull her to sleep.

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