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Pines Campsite

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No ballooning, and this time we agreed. It was v.cloudy and windy, so we drove to Lake Tepako, a gorgeous turquoise blue lake.

Saw an inter-racial lezbo couple for the first time. Tick.

Went to The Pines campsite recommended by Clive & Sarah, and what a view! We pitched our tent on the waters edge of a massive glittering lake at the foot of Mount Cooke, a snowcapped mountain surrounded by bright blue sky, white fluffy clouds and deep green pine trees.

Worryingly another couple who had pitched their tent near us moved to behind the forest for shelter from the howling winds. We decided to brave it for the sake of the view (Jeremy hit the disappointing 10minute mark due to weather conditions).

The wind dropped of and we drank beer, munched on pasta and had hot chocolate all to the back drop of the mountains. Ha 1-0 to the campers.

  1. mini (Reply) on Friday-5, 2010

    1-0 to the campers, pleased to here it. Lovin the updates not sure how you doing this from the comfort of you tent??? technology today. Big love to you both

    • V & J (Reply) on Friday-5, 2010

      Yeh it’s pretty sweet isn’t it. Got a vodaphone sim card and part of the deal sweatener was 100mb free web surfing each month for the first three months. Just long enough for us to rinse it and leave! Got to love the iPhone :-D

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