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Plan Formed

Another boring admin day I’m afraid blog readers! It’s not all fun and games for us either! Haha.

Spoke to Shaz & Baz and made Jeremy talk to a slightly miserable Nan Gray, which was quite hilarious to watch, particularly when she came out with a classic quote ’so he’s the one with the money then?’.

Will try to keep the boring stuff to a minimum;
-Bought vodaphone SIM so now have NZ number if you want it!
-Rearranged flight from Auckland to Buenos Aires (involving a very fiesty phonecall from Victoria to idiot manager in Oz).
-Went to car rental place to check out the car and were delighted to be told that we would have to be upgraded to a bigger car ‘if we didn’t mind?!’
-Exchanged money
-Shopping for camping stuff
-Bought food and managed to get free razors (Store policy is that if it’s priced up wrong they give you a refund and the item free?!)
-And went for a (very expensive) victory beer

  1. Shaz (Reply) on Tuesday-2, 2010

    Absolute classic from mother dearest. Sides still hurting. Oh, the innocence of old age! Just re-watched Benjamin Button in homage.


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