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So two in the back of the car 3 in the tent and one laid out on a surfboard cover in the rain is how the world came into focus. Rain was hammering it down and nobody wanted to move or speak.

A gap in the weather prompted a quick getaway as we headed into town for breakfast. This involved some meat pies for the lads and a ‘Godfather’ pizza for the girls. The Guys car drove up to the light house on top of the hill and took photos in a drive by ‘i don’t want to get wet’ scenario. This light house happens to be the most eastern part of Australia, tick. The girls went shopping for tampons (they actually exist out side of Asia) and bikini’s.

The rest of the day it peed down so we retreated to the house for cover. The rain was relentless and forced us to eat and drink beer from the safety of the house. Only the guys were brave enough to venture to a bar for a few beers whilst the girls stayed in and cooked curry. It’s a hard knock life.

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