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Red, Red, Wine

We got up nice and early to line our stomachs with a sausage roll ready for wine tasting. 9am isn’t too early to sample wine is it? Apparently not, they had been open since 8. Got a quick 101 on how to taste wine, chucked down a few shots and bought a bottle (of white).

There was just enough time to trundle up to the top of a hill in our little campervan to enjoy a view over the valley and vineyards before we put peddle to the meddle (our van was capable of 100km/h tops) and sped our way onwards toward Sydney.

Victoria found driving into Sydney all very stressful, the Ozzies just seem to put road signs in random places and then give up with them all together. Having said this by some small miracle V&J made it without taking one wrong turn. J was relieved about this as the ginger beast was well and truly out and he had started to fear for his life.

Probably overstayed our welcome in the car rental place as we ate our lunch, rinsed the free wifi, and watched ‘House’ on tv. Get it while you can!

Arrived at our horrifically smelly dorm, the stench of adolescent mouldy feet was quite nauseating, as was the giant shoes, mountain of clothes topped off with a few condoms, porn mags and a book on serial killers. Interesting roommate. In comparison our other roommate appeared to have OCD (who folds their underpants on their pillow?!).

Walked off to see the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Bridge and to meet Skippy.

Victoria randomly spotted her walking down the street and from there on in there wasn’t a moment to lose, “To The Bar!”.

Well was great to catch up with Skippy then to actually physically catch her and drag her back to our hostel at about 3am. As you required a key to get past reception we gave one to Skippy and told her to go through first and we would follow. One minute past, we walked in and Skippy is still standing at the front desk presenting her key to nobody. Jeremy grabbed her and swiftly walked her upstairs and left her to faceplant into bed. Victoria made a brief comment to the other guy sharing our dorm (not the serial killing smelly giant but the OCD dude) about him having ‘female sized shoes’ then passed out in a single bed with Jeremy.

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Wednesday-24, 2010

    im surprissed you didnt domore in winetasting sounds like you couldve had a field day there. also sounds awesome that you caught up with charlotte. skippy?
    ps. pedal to the metal

    • V & J (Reply) on Friday-26, 2010

      Dude you could have had 10 field days there. It’s got messy stag do written all over it. Would have stayed longer but had to get the camper van back before 3.

  2. Shaz (Reply) on Wednesday-24, 2010

    Actually, Dad folds his pants under his pillow!! xxx

    • V & J (Reply) on Saturday-27, 2010

      None of this is as bad as Jeremy gaffa taping his contact lenses individual sorting his contact lenses into ‘7 day’ piles and gaffa taping them

  3. Nick (Reply) on Thursday-25, 2010

    Now you have tasted the posh wine have you tried the cheap wine? GOOOOON??? You will learn to love it.

    • V & J (Reply) on Friday-26, 2010

      No goon for us pall we are on to bigger and better things. Charlotte was telling us your pretty keen to go over to Oz to work for a year? Good luck with that dissertation dude.

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