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So Long Melbourne

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Took the time and opportunity to use the internet and try and arrange our lives a little better. This included:

-Sorting out transport for New Zealand. (The great debate: Car and a Tent vs Camper-van) and even more so, rent or buy?) After 3 days of research we booked a car rental for $20 a day (£8.87) as a backup.

-Fighting with STA trying to rebook the Auckland to Buenos Aires. Australian STA said talk to UK, UK said talk to Australia. Two rounds of this we were fed up. Late that night a very drunk Jeremy called and finally managed to get hold of someone in the UK that knew what they were talking about, thanks Max. UK 1 Australia 0 (2 including The Ashes). Went back to the STA branch the next day and saw the same retarded woman:

Jeremy: ‘Hi, STA in the UK says that you guys should be able to change our paper ticket, and here is an email from the UK manager explaining how to do it.’

Idiot woman reads the email and turns to her colleague half whispers “can we do this?”

Woman 2: “Yes”

Idiot woman turns back to V&J and says: “Well, when I asked you yesterday if it was a paper ticket you said no”

Jeremy: “I said YES, it is a paper ticket”

Idiot Woman: “No you didn’t”

V&J opened mouths and then just shut them, it was clear that no more breath should be wasted on this oxygen thief.

Idiot Woman tops it off with: “You’ll have to wait cause I don’t know how to do it.”

And the truth shall set you free. Deep breath. Idiot woman’s idiot manager took over.

Idiot manager: “It’ll cost you $85 (£47) each as it’s a paper ticket.”

Victoria: “No it won’t. It should cost us £35.”

Victoria shows idiot manager terms and conditions.

Idiot manager: “Ah…oh ok well I’ll have to charge you our rates not the UK rates which is $60.”

Does this woman understand exchange rates?

Victoria: “When can we pick up the new tickets, as we fly on the 19th to New Zealand?”

Idiot manager: “I’ll be able to get the new tickets to you until the 29th”

Victoria: “We fly on the 19th”

Idiot manager: “Well I suppose I could put an ‘urgent authority’ through and get them to you by the 22nd.”

V&J: “We fly on the 19th”

Idiot manager: “Ok. Right well if I call them now and you say you fly on the 22nd I can probably get them to you by…”

V&J: “We fly on the 19th”

More Fun Activities included the usual getting drunk and hedge diving and jumping off the roof of the house into the pool.

Less fun activities included being rear gunned by a drunk driver. I kid you not this guy could not even stand up when he got out of the car. The three things you do not want to hear when you have been rammed are: “Ah man….I don’t need this right now, i’m really pissed and I don’t have a license or insurance”

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Sunday-21, 2010

    unlucky guys you should have a video camera out when these things happen. then replay them to those people with a hope that they might understand what they did wrong. im one assignment down 3 to go. 3 weeks to do one and 5 to do the other.

    ps. you used to have a lag between actual time and posting time of a few days, it has now stretched to almost 2 weeks. sort it kids

  2. mini (Reply) on Sunday-21, 2010

    Car and tent all the way!!! – only place in the world you will get to camp like this – no animals that eat/hurt you like in OZ and so many wonderful place to camp. You don’t need to go to camp site, just pull up in one of the many national park, find a patch of grass with the best view and set up. Its really is the bees knees

    The weather in nz will be perfect, warm + sunny
    Building camp fires, river wander/washing, fishing for your supper here you come.

    Go to field and trek type shop, there are loads in NZ and buy a bunch of camping stuff (will be the same prices as asia) We brought some fleece material from a random material shop just in case it got cool in the night and to cover our rubbish car seats ;-)

    Other good stuff we brought, washing up bowl, fishing rods, fire lighting stuff, SAS book, NEW good quality socks (Jers u will need some of those), torches, 5 boxes of matches / lighters, 2 good pans, 2 tin cups, gas camp stove, mosquito repel (random things called no see them in NZ), two inflatable camping mats (do not leave the shop without these) do not need to be the fold up small ones as you will just be throwing them in the car)) Buy two nice pillows (we forgot these, mistake). Oh yes, you will of course need a tent – buy a cycle tent, basically it has a compartment for sleeping and one for parking you bikes, (you can use this compartment to cook in, hang out in, store stuff, cook if it does rain etc) Couple of blanket to sit on outside, when you lie in the sunshine dreaming and a piece of tarpaulin to put under you tent to stop the dew form making you tent ground sheet wet.
    And off you go….

    Camping rules, I want to go

    Think you mentioned you fly into ChristChurch
    If that is still the plan, take that hire car to a place called Arthur Pass – hike the avalanche track – think lord of the rings

    NZ begins ;-)

  3. V & J (Reply) on Sunday-21, 2010

    Yeh sorry Erks we have been lagging somewhat with the posts-seems to only happen when we go through a period of heavy boozing. Will try harder my lord. We are amazed to hear you are actually getting your arse in gear and getting your assignments done. Well done! It will soon be over, then we’ll be back and all will be right with the world.

    Think we are pretty much decided on the tent now, just need to go out and buy it all, which will be a ball ache (particularly for Jeremy who LOVES shopping). Thanks mini for all the tenting advice, prob going to print your list off and hand it to a salesdude to find everything.

    Will let you know how it all goes! Will do a big blogpost-catch-up day

  4. Han (Reply) on Monday-22, 2010

    wow… mini’s plan sounds awesome ! do it!! i want to come!!! Uni is sucky as the real work seems to be starting now. Missed a deadline … oops. but not worth a lot so not the end of the world!
    funny tale of annoying and stupid woman. i’m amazed that you held your tongues!!!! bravo! xx

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