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Surfs Up

Spent the morning relaxing and reading in the pool enjoying the view. Headed to the beach where Jeremy and Jack successfully got eaten alive by the waves in an attempt to paddle out. Still, posing with the surf board made Jeremy feel cool.

Had our final dinner with Andy, Kirst and Jack in the surf club and, for a change, got boozy. Back at the pad the girls retreated and the guys carried on building hangovers. Andy was intent on going to work with a massive hangover which was achieved with the help of some battery acid disguised as rum.

  1. Han (Reply) on Monday-22, 2010

    are you supposed to put the surf board strap around your neck?!! looks like a recipe for disaster! xx

    • V & J (Reply) on Monday-22, 2010

      Thats what Jack told me to do, although now you mention it he did put his on his foot………

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