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Tent Test

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A quick phone call at 4am determined that there would be no ballooning today. We could wait no longer in strange and pikey Christchurch, so headed 200km west to Arthurs Pass for some pretty cereal trekking, suggested to us by Matt and Amanda.

No matter how enthusiastic we
were this was just not going to be an activity day. The crap windy, rainy weather prevented us from doing any worthwhile treks (tramps, as they call it here). The wind was reaching 100km/h at 1000m, which is where we would be walking along narrow ridges over sheer cliff faces. Not up for that.

We were feeling too stingey to pay for camping so went to a freebie 15km out the village. Had a delightful longdrop toilet (complete with flies, cockroaches and many years of poop) and a cool concrete shelter with a fireplace (complete with crazy Spanish couple sleeping in it).

Buckets of rain and gale force winds didn’t stop Jeremy from setting the tent up or Victoria from cooking up a potato curry in the tent porch (alright for something without any meat apparently).

Victoria didn’t sleep a wink as she was sooo cold. Jeremy did. Bastard.

  1. Shaz (Reply) on Tuesday-2, 2010

    Certainly brightened up my day to hear about the rain. Aha.
    Beautiful day in Jersey and there’s a campsite just up the road!
    Curry without meat – Rojan tosh!

    Father Ted

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