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The Two Ducks

Got some travel admin shizzle done in the morning, linking our card to the Aussie Dollar account (cause we are so god damn important and have loads of accounts, brap).

Finished off some shopping. Tag teamed up the bartering and fried some Vietnamese butt (probably still paid too much but we all left happy.)

Posted everything home by sea (people might get some presents in about 2 months). Played (can’t remember its name) game with the woman in the post office describing the contents of our parcel. “Ok, you wear it round your waist.” “A belt?” “You stick it on a fridge”…. It’s a tactical board game everyone is playing in the streets. etc. After scoring 5 out of 5 our parcel was sent.

Indulged in a killer 2 course French lunch for a wopping $9 in an attempt to burn up our many excess Dong. Definately both went to our happy places.

Packed up our stuff ready for our early morning escape from Nam.

Had dinner at another nice restaurant with M&R. V&J going greedy and having another round on the duck breast in one day. To use up the Dong of course ;)

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