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Famous boulders…tick! Not much to report, they were indeed a load of boulders, but it was lovely weather so it was nice to break up the drive to Dunedin with stroll along the beach.

Dunedin is another wierd NZ town, the only Scottish aspect being the lonesome dilapidated kilt store.

We decided to go on a mission to get Jeremy some walking boots that don’t slice his heels off. He skipped out the store (after several suicidal hours discussing the advantages of shoes v. boots) adament that his new shoes were going to change his life as he was now the proud owner of the same shows as Bear Grylls. He will now be able to make a shelter out of some pubic hair, a hair pin and a small pebble, or whatever Bear Grylls does.

All this shopping makes Jeremy a hungry bear so Victoria headed to the supermarket whilst he repacked the car as our organised mess was becoming more ‘bomb site’. He then felt it necessary that Victoria knew where absolutely everything lived. She nodded, when actually she was wondering whether they needed more garlic.

Homely shepherd’s pie for dinner as the campsite had an oven, which was sweeeet.

  1. Shaz (Reply) on Tuesday-9, 2010

    Were you taking the piss out of boulders per chance? and what the hell was Grant doing there? Is he stalking you? xxx

    • V & J (Reply) on Tuesday-9, 2010

      What gave you that impression?!

      There have been many Grants at these tourist attractions taking photo’s of their feet in walking boots!

      Just made a Fish Pie but it was rubbish compared to yours (i’m being serious! I want your fish pie!)

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