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Drove into town to be weighed and shuttled to the bungee platform 45mins away. We were the only people on the bus and the only people to jump-is this a bad sign?

Got harnessed up, reweighed and taken to the pod that pulls us across to the jumping platform 440ft above the water in a canyon. The crew guys informed us as we were the only people jumping they only needed 2 crew, there were normally 3. AAHH!

V was determind to jump first so she was not put off by seeing J plummit to the ground. Hooked in, shuffled to the ledge and a count down all happened in the space of 20seconds! Bewildered and slightly confused as to why she was bound and being told to jump to what looked like certain face rearrangements V cried out, “Wait”. For a second J thought that V was backing out. Then, out of nowhere, she jumped. If you listen carefully in Victoria’s video you can hear J cursing. He had just realised 134 metres is a long way down.

V, not quite strong enough to pull the strap that flips you the right way up, was brought back to the platform dangling upside down, red faced and full of adrenaline. “I wanna do it again” she said like an ADHD child on a sugar high.

Now it was J’s turn…he has to admit he was slightly nervous after seeing how far V fell, but the fact that she came back in one piece and buzzing put him at ease. After some gay comment to the camera he swan dived off the platform. And screamed. A lot.

It was all over so quickly we were left feeling relieved, excited and ready for a beer. Back on the shuttle bus into town we learnt the political history of NZ from the extremely intelligent bus driver and headed back to camp for a quick Internet fix and to return the car. We won’t be needing/allowed to drive that for the rest of the day!

Hitchhiked into town and headed to the pub. We got stuck in, in a big way. V told J that her tampon nearly got squeezed out during the bungee jump and conversations got worse and more slurred from there.

We met some absolute weapons in one pub, V felt it was appropriate to ask one particularly annoying person “what is it about Queenstown that makes you THIS boring?”. He was asking for it and even his friends laughter at him.

We moved swiftly on to Buffalo Bar that was holding a ‘Ginger Night’ where all Ginger people get a $50 bar tab. Sweet, thought J, who has been waiting nearly 3years for a moment like this! Finally a use for her!

Realised upon entry that V had dropped her purse somewhere in the street, with all the credit cards, money and ID. J went on a search, couldn’t find it so went to the police station as a last resort. It was here that he met the legends Jeff and Veronica, who were in the process of handing V’s purse in. Woohoo! J dragged them both to the bar to meet V and buy them a thank you drink (which turned into many).

Had a cool evening and got more drunk with them till they decided it was getting way to late considering they had to get up at 5am (we should have followed suit).

V continued to get smashed and ended up dancing on stage, losing 1 flipflop and being refused service at the bar (for the first time in her life!). I think the question; “Do my pubes count as another person? Do I get another bar tab?” was the line that she crossed so elegantly.

One flipflop down we stumbled into a taxi, into our tent and passed out. Fully clothed.

J would like to add that he was nowhere near this bad and spent his night picking through the comic trail of devastation that was Victoria.

  1. Shammylether (Reply) on Friday-26, 2010

    People who bungee are likely to fall out of perfectly serviceable aircraft, so should be certified under part 3 of the Mental Health Act 1986 to prevent this happening.

    Big up to both of you

    (UK med support)

    • V & J (Reply) on Friday-26, 2010

      Thanks UK med support! Unfortunately this warnings a little late, Victoria has been mentally unstable for a while (coincidently ever since seeing Jeremy).

      You will no doubt hear from us soon regarding some tropical disease we need diagnosed.

      Speak soon!

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