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Dinner Time

Had a nightmare trying to get the camera back from Anne’s sister. First we drove to the wrong city library
then couldn’t find the other one. Ended up meeting her at her house to pick up a cable-less camera! So it was pretty much a waste of a morning! Doh!

Back at Gretch’s we decided it was now quite late to drive 6-7 hrs up the country and that the bed was way to comfy so we crashed another night. Gretch was pretty pissed off and really wanted us to leave, but we forced her to let us stay and gatecrashed her dinner with Tim to ‘the best restaurant in the southern hemisphere’. We all
ate our body weight of great food. V and J will be dreaming of that black Angus fillet steak with bone marrow butter

and the chocolate dessert with raspberrys and frozen milk. mmm…..

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