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We were rudely awaken by a phone call at 8am from Abel Tasman Skydiving telling us that the weather was amazing and that we really should be there.

With that we packed up and drove the 3 hours back to the launch pad (via the nauseatingly windy road). Found a campsite, pitched our tent, had some lunch and suddenly found ourselves briefed, suited and booted and queuing to get in a plane for another departure from 13,000ft. Everything happened so fast snap happy J didn’t even have time for a photo.

V was first again and performed a, quote, “text book skydive”, end quote. J was up second and stuffed it up nicely. Hips were up, legs were bent and the landing was more like a rugby tackle…… the ground won.

We were briefed again for our next jump and told to get suited and booted. Victoria looked slightly uneasy at this point and freaked. The second jump was much more real and she had started to feel slightly unsafe and began to question if this is really what she wanted to spend her cash on. While she made up her mind, J stepped forward like a lemming. All he wanted to do was 2 more dives so he could leap out the door alone. Standing in the queue for the plane ready to kiss his ass goodbye again he was told that it was now too windy.

The matter was solved the weather had closed in, skydiving was a rushed decision and we’d rather spend our money on skiing. We returned to our tent and topped the whole day off with some beers.

  1. Amanda Pack (Reply) on Friday-2, 2010

    I can just see how this day went…
    Are you still near Abel Tasman??? Matt and I did an amazing sea kayaking trip from Abel Tasman. 4 days with your tent of course, but you paddle from beach to beach around the national park. Feels like you are in undiscovered Thailand. Take a frisbee /snorkel, plenty of beer, a book and a pack of cards and some good food in your kayak and go check it out

    • V & J (Reply) on Saturday-3, 2010

      No we are in northland already. There is a couple of days lag on the blog that we just can’t seem to shake at the moment. Sounds like we missed out there. If you have any surgestions for stuff to do north of Aukland then we want to hear them.

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