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We drove (once again) along the nauseatingly windy road to Picton to catch our 2pm ferry.

Whilst waiting for the ferry to board V got out and started preparing some lunch. Then she heard someone shout ‘Viki!’. She looked over to the opposite lane and Sam and Jessett (her best mates from home) were waving frantically from their campervan! They all did the girly thing of running over to eachother, high pitched screams with arms wide. Spent the entire ferry journey catching up.

Drove around Wellington, in convoy, to find Gretchen’s house, where we let ourselves in, past the best guard dog in the world ‘Bella’ who is as ferocious as her name. Waited for Gretch to get back from her Graduation then had lasagne and all got mighty pissed. Listened to Holly’s album and can’t remember much more apart from a vague recollection of J nicknaming Jessett ‘Steve Hawkings’. This went along well with Sams new found nickname of ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’.

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