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After skydiving we were wondering if anything was going to be as interesting ever again.

We went out on a hunt and no nothing is as interesting anymore, or perhaps it was V, who was deaf in one ear after skydiving with a cold who wasn’t really up for ’sight seeing’. Went to farewell spit and V unanimously decided that we were not going to walk along it and did her best to get in the way of as many photos as possible.

Next was ‘The Mussel Inn’ for lunch to reward ourselves for enduring such a strenuous morning. ‘J Two Pie’ was born.

A quick trip to a net cafe allowed us to transfer yet more money into our accout so we continued with our fun adrenalin-free day.

Next stop, Salmon fishing. Usually both V & J are notoriously bad/impatient/clumsy/a biohazard when it comes to fishing. Today would be no exception, apart from the fact that they actually caught two fish.

Basically it’s a Salmon fish farm and there are so many fish in the lake/bucket that there is nearly no room for the water. We were given basic rods with a lump of clay hangin off the hook (no bait required-now that’s my kind of fishing!).

This meant V&J both got to catch and kill a salmon. That’s right, J manned up and stabbed his own fish through the head after stabbing him self twice with the hook. Mentally scarred and slightly tearful J handed the rod to V.

Even though this is the worlds easiest fishing, V still managed to stay fishless until closing time, by which time J had resorted to throwing in sheep poo to confuse the fish in an attempt to get them to bite. Eventually a family with annoying children felt sorry for V and gave her a load of fish food resulting in a bite.

Several stabs in the head later (it was a stubborn one apparently) both fish were carted off to be filleted.

Back at the camp V BBQ’d up a treat. We munched all four fillets and some scrummy roasted veg. Skydive schmydive.

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