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Hair Cut

Got up early enough to say bye to Gretchen (Tim left at stupid o’clock) and promised we would actually leave this time.

V went off to get her haircut for the first time in at least 9months whilst J geeked it up some more on the internet (aka his happy place).

After spending all their money on new hair, treatments, shampoo and conditioner V returned and we went on our merry way to Rotorua.

6.5 hrs later, both feeling borderline suicidal, we finally reached Rotorua and stayed in the garden of a hostel. It was quite a squeeze, there were literally tents surrounding us, all within a 2ft radius.

Made yet another curry in the very busy kitchen. Among the 100 screaming school kids there was a very annoying drunk Aussie man who wouldn’t stop talking to us. We also saw 15 horny teenagers trying to fit in a very small thermal pool. After a 6.5hr drive this is not what you need in your life.

Ran into the nest and listened to multiple conversations all around us. V was woken up at 12.30 by some ridiculous American girls talking about getting their teeth whitened (or something of similar shallowness), then again at 2.30am by a car alarm, then again at 3.30am by two annoying German blokes who were probably talking about the war. A snappy ‘Shut up!’ seemed to do the trick on all three accounts, but she had still been woken up so the damage was done. She felt it was appropriate to start moaning to J, who offered a helpful insight in the form of snoring.

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