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‘I think a Helicopter just landed in our field’. It was either that or a small earthquake had just taken place outside our tent.

Awake nice an early by the arrival of this helicopter so we packed up and got eaten alive by the carnivorous sandflies.

Drove to Monowai Lake and had some lunch, then decided to check out Te Anau up the road for some treks and all that wilderness stuff.

Spoke to a really helpful girl in the DOC office who organised our lives for us. She sent us on our way with a 2day trail-less trek up our sleeves.

With the thought of the next couple if days being food/shower/people free, we checked into a serviced campsite in town. The usual routine then followed; Jeremy does tech geek stuff on the internet whilst Victoria cooked lasagna for dinner.

After which, a complete change in roles occurred; Victoria ripped a hole in the airbed (and broke a head torch). Since being in NZ Victoria has turned into the hopeless case that breaks and misplaces everything and Jeremy is the hero that fixes everything.

(Although he didn’t actually successfully repair it. And he still can’t cook).

  1. Matthew Pack (Reply) on Thursday-11, 2010

    looks like a radio controlled chopper

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